Biocide Shocker

Biocide Shocker

Our revolutionary SHOCKER Quick Release product is a single-use high-tech packet that delivers the most effective chemical deodorizer (Chlorine Dioxide) safely to neutralize and eliminate even the worst odors. 


Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is a potent oxidizer that literally uses oxygen to break up odor molecules. This sort of oxidizing action is found in many chemicals, but ClO2 is one of the most effective. Chances are that you've used oxidizers before: "Oxy-Clean" is an example of an oxidizer that cleans -- it uses Sodium Perchlorate.

Unlike most oxidizers, Chlorine Dioxide degrades very quickly into to simple salts and water (within hours). Under the best conditions, it is unlikely to last two weeks. Basically, as a product, it has no shelf life. And for that reason has never really been available to consumers.

It has had widespread industrial use (pretty much all paper is turned white using ClO2 and many municipal water systems use it instead of chlorine) where large machines to generate it, often using electrolysis.

Now, thanks to a revolutionary new gas generator technology, you simply place the pouch in water (following the directions of course!) and it generates Chlorine Dioxide gas.

ClO2 gas is especially good at oxidizing organic odor-causing substances, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It does not MASK them like perfumes do, it NEUTRALIZES them through oxidation. Very effective.

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